Vinyl is Now the Fastest Growing Music Platform


Hipsters rejoice!

In the golden age of music streaming, it’s difficult to imagine any sort of new music platform getting in the way of its reign of terror. This said, an old player in the music platform game is making a pretty substantial comeback. As of September 30th, Vinyl revenues have now exceeded those of streaming.

Fascinating figures released this past week have displayed a 52% increase to $222 million in the first and second quarters of 2015, more than Spotify, Pandora, and Vevo combined.

apple musicIt is important to include however that revenues from Apple’s new streaming service Apple Music do not factor into these numbers. This is actually quite important to note as no streaming service has put anywhere near the amount of effort as Apple has to make their service into a household name. “When you get a player like Apple involved, that really generates a whole new level of awareness,” says data analyst Joshua Friedlander.

Regardless, celebrate the news. Go out to your local record store and get some music. After all, it only costs money.

image via Getty Images


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