Some Thoughts on Prejudice in Wake of the Paris Attacks


“Reject prejudice.”

In wake of Paris’ dark Friday night, Hozier reminds us to think before we speak.

Thank god for a voice of reason.

Twitter was overwhelming on Friday night, and the further the night progressed, the wilder it got. At one point, the word “Muslims” was the second top trending phrase on all of twitter. I would like to hope that the reason for this, was because of the large promotion of the hashtag #MuslimsAreNotTerrorists, another  phrase trending, but not nearly as high as the initial phrase. Unfortunately, I did not find that to be the case after reading through many tweets featuring the word “Muslim”.

After the attacks on Paris came to a close, another door to violence opened. We as a nation are still recovering from 9/11, an attack that put the foul taste of Islamaphobia on our tongues. We have reconstructed a superior World Trade Center. We have increased national security and have yet to see another American attack. We have recovered, as much as one can recover from tragedy, in every way but one. We still place the blame on Muslim men and women, despite their lack of involvement and motives. Friday’s attack has slammed the door to the slow road of educated acceptance we were on. Now, we are right back where we started, but to an even more extreme degree. Now, due to the actions of Islamic extremists, Muslims are left to continue paying the price through social rejection and violence.

The hatred towards Islam stems from a heavily shrewd misconception of the religion. Islam is not a violent religion. Islam is no more violent than Christianity. Violence comes into play in the person executing it. Allowing Christian extremist groups such as The Lord’s Resistance Army, Antibalaka, or the most familiar, The Klu Klux Klan, to represent Christianity as a whole would throw people into a major fit. The KKK does not represent Christianity anymore than extremist groups like ISIS do. I am sure you have heard this example many times. Using the KKK seems like an unfair example, for it is “in the past”. No. The KKK is alive and well and prominent in America, and is the most used example, for how recognizable is The Lord’s Resistance Army? It sounds scary, but it is not as popularized and impactful as the KKK. Islam is not a violent religion. Say it with me.

Turkish President Abdullah Gül will say it with me.

One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush will say it with me.

Bestselling author Victoria Aveyard will say it with me.

Music lovers world-wide will say it with me.


I could go on. Fortunately, the voices of the featured tweets, and all of the others promoting #TerrorismHasNOReligion have the backs of muslims. Unfortuntaly, that has not stopped the inflicted violence and terror on the Muslim community.

My man Hozier has brought attention to an unspeakably important discussion. We need voices, big and small, to get the point across. Terrorism has no religion.

image via Reuters / Benoit Tessier


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  1. Many thanks for the insightful article. Hozier did indeed say it right to the point, and you are correct, thank god for a voice of reason. He is a man of honour and stands up for what he believes in. A lover, not a hater, and we sorely need more people like Andrew in the world. I said much the same thing in my response to his tweet.
    Thanks again for what you do.
    Lorrell Onosson



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