Gabby Sol – “Pickpocket Hearts”

Just picking up a ukulele and writing a super distinct and catchy song is a bit easier said than done. The format has been done to death at this point, and it can be pretty difficult to make the track sound any different from the ocean of others. It takes clever songwriting, a unique vocal, and a unique overall atmosphere to make the track worth any more than a single listen. Thankfully a little known independent singer-songwriter by the name of Gabby Sōl brings all of that and more.

“My feet like to travel while my head stays grounded”

Other than her terrific taste in podcasts, indie singer-songwriter Gabby Sōl brings to the table some of the most clever songwriting we’ve heard from an independent artist. With a look and sound that exudes charisma and an adorably artsy video to boot, Sōl gives off the interesting illusion of an artist far closer to the mainstream- the kind of young female vocalist one can’t believe isn’t sitting on a throne among the various Christina Perri‘s and Sara Bareilles‘s of the world. While however clearly lacking in comparison the musical embellishments that serve these two artists, Sōl comes through with a pretty solid track that, while certainly not reinventing any wheels, proves to be a memorable little song in a sea of forgettable ones.

Popchata encourages you to support independent artists. Music from Gabby Sol is available on iTunes.


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