Keith J Carberry – “The Sort of Computers That Make Mistakes”

The act of picking up a guitar and playing whatever notes and chords come to your head in the moment is one of the most enriching experiences a person can have, especially when done on the regular. It’s an awesome display of real time creation that neither the listener nor really the musician can predict as there is no real road map or formula in sight to gauge with. And if one thing is certain, there is definitely not enough of it out there. But fear not, as there is no problem the Bandcamp crusade can’t fix.


Yeah, this is another song without any lyrics. That said, the simplicity of this track as well as the rest of Keith J Carberry‘s music is the best part about it. However improvised “The Sort of Computers That Make Mistakes” may or may not be, this bedroom acoustic-guitar performance has a really strange ability to make you feel like you’re sitting on a bed with a friend while he or she strums away, neither party really knowing where it’s going and even when it’ll end. It’s a nostalgic sensation to be true, and it is no less helped by the obvious experience of the guitarist at hand. Carberry has clearly played his fair share of guitar, and this experience along with the ambition to improvise and experiment as he does elsewhere on the album is a terrific ode to anyone who spent their teenage evenings aimlessly plucking away at their guitar, completely unaware of the wonderful sounds they might have been creating.



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