Make Your Own Drake ‘Views From the 6’ Album Cover


Because why would you not?

In the wake of the massive hype and drama from Beyonce’s new visual album Lemonade, it’s understandably hard to really care much for whatever Canadian rapper Drake has going on. That said, the internet always seems to have a way of keeping the news interesting.

Drake announced the album cover for his new album Views From the 6 a couple of days ago. Check it out below.

Toronto’s famous CN Tower is lucky to have to opportunity to be sat on by Drizzy himself. There are countless fans out there who wish they were nearly as lucky as that tower. Thankfully, a new website has the solution anyone who wishes they were that tower.

Just upload a picture and the tool will render your very own sitting Drake which you can place anywhere your heart desires. Is he sitting on your shoulder? Your forehead? Somewhere more sinister?

Wherever he might be, fans can begin enjoying the new record in no time. Views From the 6 is out this Friday.


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