Tennis – “Ladies Don’t Play Guitar”

ladiesdontplayguitartennisLadies do a lot of things these days. They front indie-pop bands. They get together and form entirely new bands from the ground up without any male members, because who needs ’em? In the case of Tennis, they make groovy lo-fi with their husband and embody the attitude of Annie Clark and the smooth despondence of Victoria Legrand.

“I can be the one that you’ve been dreaming”

“Ladies Don’t Play Guitar” exists somewhere between sarcastic toying and a genuine acknowledgment of capability. It’s the Tinder bio of the girl who doesn’t really care about your precious need for a hookup- who knows her worth but encourages you to left-swipe should you have no interest in reaping the benefits of her versatile skill set and bright future. It’s a message that’s unrelenting but simultaneously inviting, and similar can be said for the instrumental of a simple guitar and drum loop with occasional hits of distortion. It’s not “Night Vision”, but at least for now it doesn’t need to be anything other than it is. Take a listen below.



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