What is Popchata?

Popchata is the most pretentious name for a blog that we could think of. We basically took horchata, by far the hippest non-alcoholic drink around (that none of us have ever tried by the way), and replaced the “hor” with “pop”. We getting on your nerves yet?

What are we on about?

We like to be kind of funny but also kind of interesting. We only report on the music news we think people will actually be eager to read. We only write about things we ourselves find personally interesting. For everything else, you have hundred of websites you could use instead.

Why do we overuse blockquotes so much?

Because it gets the job done! We’re still pretty young and stupid, so when we tried using them as a way to circumvent WordPress’s lack of article caption space, we figured “Meh, close enough!”. Quite frankly we think it looks good too. We like to look good despite the fact that, on the inside at least, we are constantly on the verge of falling apart.

How do you contact us?

Shoot us a tweet. We will always reply. We literally have nothing else going on. Also this is what we look like!

Reyaan “Rey” Shah


Instagram: reybyday

Twitter: reybyday

“I enjoy music, film, and am a proud male viewer of Gossip Girl. I enjoy media from the mainstream and independent persuasions alike. Favorite artists include: Radiohead, Sun Kil Moon, Sufjan Stevens, and Beach House.”

Mallorie “Mal” Muñoz

IMG_4794Instagram: malloriemunoz11

Twitter: munoz_mallorie

“I like dogs, music, and the color black. Not in that order. My taste ranges from Kanye to Death Cab For Cutie.